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Kona Cruiser 12'6

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Kona Cruiser 12'6
Cruiser 12.6 has become the favorite among many Kona paddlers. It is the choice for rental stores as well as ambitious recreational and touring paddlers. Cruiser 12.6 has even proven to work as a stepping stone into racing. Like all other Kona inflatables it can be inflated up to 25 psi making it extremely stiff and reliable. Cruiser 12.6 has an outstanding wide range of usability also making it a great choice for yoga and fitness training. 2017 model year is built on the success of previous models and has been improved in every detail thanks to the new technology used which makes the board stiffer and lighter.
Art: Inflatable/Aufblasbar/iSUP
 Typ: Tourer
 Farbe: weiß/blau
 - Länge: 381 cm / 12'6”
 - Breite: 77 cm / 31”
 - Höhe: 15 cm / 6”
 Volumen: 345 Liter
 Gewicht: 9,9 kg
 Empfohlene Luftdruck: 25 psi / 1,72 bar
Finnenart/-box: US Box
 Zubehör: Boardbag mit Rücksackgurten, Handpumpe, Reparaturkit, Finne
 Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (UPE): 969,00 €, inkl. MwSt.

"Surfen ist wie die Mafia: Wenn du einmal dabei bist, kommst du nie wieder raus." Kelly Slater